Located in the lush green remote and rural southeast region of the Big Island ... Hawaii! Kaimu is a historically significant cultural community one mile from the black sand coast and at 300ft(91m) elevation. Weather and temperatures are so very tropical. Year round we are not too hot and not too cold. Not too dry and not too wet. Sometimes we downpour but even at that heavier rains rarely last more than a couple hours and mostly a few minutes. Always we have the cool tropical tradewinds blowing that makes Hawaii such an exotic and delightful destination.

Hale Kaimu Studio sits on five acres of hidden Hawaiian jungle with close proximity to a navigable road that connects to Hilo and the entire Hawaii island. Three acres are clean pasture for staging vehicles and trailers. Two acres are an orchid farm with a two bed, two bath house and an Ohana that converts to a unique private and intimate small studio space for shooting interviews or shows or movie scenes.

A great locale for commercials of all sorts. Locally used for movie scenes like Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park. For shooting tropical island Polynesian cultural and tribal themed shows or movies Kaimu is an excellent location, yet nearby are all the more modern amenities for banking, groceries, hardware and all supplies.

This small studio space of 800 sq ft(244 sq mt) has 20ft(6.1m) high ceilings on two levels. There is also a small office space and bathroom/makeup area. One complete side is about 20ft(6.1m)wide x 20ft(6.1m)high floor to ceiling windows that open to a huge tropical jungle landscape with a 30-40ft giant palm tree vista. Perfect for any sort of truly Hawaii style tropical locale. Neat and compact space with vastly ample room for accommodation and staging for crew and talent over short or long term shoots.

For talent or crew there is a two bedroom and two full bath house located directly behind the studio space. All amenities are available including a large kitchen and many lanais surround the house. All utilities are included which includes internet connection. There is also a conference area and small gym. The backyard has lush landscape, a waterfall feature and outdoor bar and spa.

Kaimu offers complete grid power connecting to multiple panels with a main 200amp panel. We can add whatever power requirements are needed for single phase power requirements only.

All water is supplied by the County of Hawaii system. We have no catchment type water supplies. Water connections are located throughout the five acre property.

All sewage is by a new septic system. In fact all utilities have been newly upgraded within the past two years.

Staging areas can be at the upper one acre garage area. We also have a lower staging area that is approximately two acres overall space. Both areas are well maintained lawn pasture.

The garage is approximately 750 sq ft(229 sq mt). The garage has a power strip for lighting and comes with a utility sink and two tier storage area with storage shelves. Plenty of room for any sort of assembly or prep requirements.

The office is located next to the packing house. At the office we have cctv security coverage of the entire property and we have a professional Cisco Systems IT rack. From the office we offer complete visual security and we can offer any number of security guards as well for an extra added cost based on your requirements. Kaimu is located in a very secluded area not visible from any major roads. The lower pasture two acre area is not even visible from the Kaimu front gate.

It is possible to rent the entire property or part. The cost for the entire property is ...

TOTAL COST = $5,500USD per day*

*Call to discuss possible extras and conditions/terms